Monday, 4 February 2013

Non-Fiction Reads: India’s Unending Journey by Mark Tully

India’s Unending Journey by Mark Tully is an encapsulation of several elements about India that reveal the nation’s idea and stance on pluralism. This piece of work reveals Tully’s extensive knowledge of India and his interest and insight on India. As he aptly describes his book in the acknowledgement section – ‘This book is about living with the uncertainty of certainty, about accepting the limits to what we can know, and being willing to question our beliefs. This uncertainty doesn’t apply to religious beliefs or, indeed, beliefs hostile to religion’. It is a wonderful read on India not just in terms of the unity-in-diversity concept, but a look at Indian history, sociology and philosophy.

India’s Unending Journey is a summation of lectures from the Teape Lectures in 1999. These lectures were given at Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol universities that year.

(Review by Kabita Sonowal)

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