Monday, 25 March 2013

Comic Book Reads: Batman - The World of the Dark Knight

Batman - The World of the Dark Knight is a 200-page odd hardcover encyclopedic compilation of all the things you wanted to know about Gotham's caped crusader. Published in 2012, the mesh of well-designed content, collected artwork and boggling details is a sweet addiction for the trivia-gobbling Batman fanatic. Hold your breath while I take you on a brief tour:

  • When and how did Batman make his Detective Comics (DC) debut - Check. 
  • Detail of every inch of the Batsuit, its accessories and alterations over the years - Check. 
  • A magnifying glass view of the Batcave - Check.
  • Detailed descriptions of the Batmobile and Bat-Vehicles - Check.
  • The Batman origin story - Double Check.
  • Batman's diet, training and physical attributes - Yes.
  • The best Batman quotes - Totally.
  • Bruce Wayne's character profile - Aha!
  • All you wanted to know about Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, Wayne Enterprises and Gotham City - Yeah.
  • How about Robin? - His whole file is laid out here.
  • Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and Lucius Fox - Laid bare.
  • Batman's friends, allies, villians, love life - All there.
  • Batman's comic book evolution from his 1937 debut to the landmark comic issues that defined him - Spread out nicely. 

I hate to word it in cliche, for the book contains - a lot more...

Even if you are delirious about Batman, there is too much here to imbibe in one sitting, this is more like a sturdy thing you can pick from the bookshelf, whenever the trivia mood takes over.

(Review by Snehith Kumbla)

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