Sunday, 24 March 2013

Non-Fiction Reads: Mary Queen of Scots and Her Hopeless Husbands

The Dead Famous Series’ Mary Queen of Scots and Her Hopeless Husbands is an unforgettable read. Written by Margaret Simpson and illustrated by Philip Reeve, this quirky book sheds light on Mary, her predicament, her times, and not to forget her husbands. She led a wild, grand, tumultuous and strange life that many girls never at any time or age ever lived or experienced. She was queen of Scots when she was a week old and then again the queen of France too when her husband became the king of France. However such grandeur did not last as she ended up as a prisoner in England. Born on December 8, 1542, Mary inherited a kingdom that was in the midst of chaos. The rest is history which beguiles the contemporary reader.

This book celebrates Mary the Queen of Scots; a lot of Mary’s charm, wit, naivete, her knack for trouble and escapades and her pick of husbands are wonderfully portrayed and illustrated in this book.

(Article by Kabita Sonowal)

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